This game is dedicated to all the trans friends I have <3

Content warnings for: pee joke, non-explicit bad endings.

Choose your own adventure: You are a little trans mousegirl who needs to get some food and medicine, but watch out, for a catgirl stalks to the house!

Made in Candle's Tape Window Engine.

Music Used:

"Away" and "New House" Laika & the Tape Loops!

SFX used:

"Chuột Cống 3" by SieuAmThanh

"cat meowing" by nekoninja

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFurry, LGBT, mouse, Transgender
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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The writing's voice was extremely funny and cute, thanks for sharing this!!


mousegirl's way of speaking and thinking through things is very relatable. I also liked the smallness of the "play" area. great, extremely cute game

thank you for the kind thoughts wasnot, if the writing is relatable it may be because I really got into Disco Elysium and the inspired some of it...


very cute 🥺

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that was beautiful, thank u so much

(in case is useful for others, i couldn't load it in a safari's browser but after loading it in firefox i could play it with no problems)


A lovely short game! The premise of being a girl who is a mouse but also trans opens a lot of potential that gets used to good effect, placing the player in a precarious position but with humor and sensitivity.

Loved going through and getting each ending, all make sense in context despite the very wide differences in tone with every outcome!


I love being a girl who is a mouse!


true love got!