CONTENT WARNING for: Brief mention of Anglerfish mating, Relationship Issues, and Swearing.

You play as WADE, a dragon looking for their partner, LERNA, in an abandoned water temple. Will you discover the secret that lies within the ruins?

There is mobile support but in my experience the music doesn't load on phones. Your mileage may vary.

Arrows - Move

Space - Interact

Shift - Run

Credits (More at the end of the game):

Made for Danni as part of "Santa in Spring" event at

Music by fotocopiadora, Urban Yeti!, and Chad Crouch
Sea Cave audio by Andy_Gardner

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
TagsFurry, LGBT
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Download 137 MB
Download 387 MB


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I was promised Anglerfish mating. How do I access it?

Did you make an account just to ask this question? Just play through the game it's fairly linear. The "anglerfish mating" is merely a content warning, to tell people to brace themselves if they're uncomfortable with it. It's not actually in the game. 0__0

Darn. Maybe in a prequel. Thanks for the game.

If you care so much make your own fish s*x game 😮‍💨


This was an adorable story, I loved the maps and the whole style. The custom lighting added a lot throughout.


thank you lots


How are we meant to get through the pitch black section?

Sorry for taking a while to reply! To get through the pitch black maze you need to step on certain tiles to turn on lights. I'll draw a solution when I can.


very sweet! and i really like the textures


Wow! This is so atmospheric. I really love the ancient sculptures that are just cut out everywhere. That combine with your drawings, the lighting effects, and walking speed makes this game really feel viscous with melancholy. I would really like to see something else like this in the future.


looking forward to playing this when I get home 

It's been a while; are you home yet?


honestly no, but i replayed your game today & it really struck me, I'm going thru something similar, perhaps. it's nice to know that the characters get a happy ending, i hope it works out for us all ~ 


very well made, cute and enjoyable to go throuhg. you have an understanding of RPGmaker that is really impressive, i dont know how to do lights like that. I was initially thinking Wade was a bit mean but I learned to warm up to them and I am a big fan of their hydra partner. The mixed media aesthetic was wonderful too, all the writing was very good I liked ever single character.

Perhaps we can get a sequel, hydra kissing simulator or cooking for hydra partner? I just think that would be cute. Thank you for the videogame gisbrecht

Thank you for the reply Liziveth ^_^ it means a lot. uh you can dig through the plugin folders but it is this for the lighting .

A sequel is a big maybe haha. I'd have to think of the logistics of animating three heads!